Emergency Abseil Training

As with all places of work, Halley VI features an array of emergency exits and equipment. One of the most fun escape routes we practised with today – the emergency abseil system, for escaping from upper levels in case of fire blocking the stairs.

Practising with the Emergency Abseil system
Octavian practising with the emergency abseil system

These are located in the H2 module and the A module (pictured). These feature a large harness which is easy and quick to put on, and a mechanical breaking system to keep your decent at less than 1G to prevent accidental splatting! It is strange trusting your decent to a mechanical system after all the manual rope work we have done, but it’s all properly engineered equipment which is more than suitable for the task (although, will all the excellent food we’ve been having, it’ll have it’s work cut out if needed near the end of winter!)