Year: 2013

Cape Town

The journey to Antarctica started with an overnight flight on the 8th December from Heathrow to Cape Town, where we met up with the RRS Ernest Shackleton – the ship we will be travelling south on. As the ship was


As part of my training with one of the experiments at Halley – the Microwave Radiometer – I travelled to Kiruna in Sweden where there are two similar units at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (“IRF”). This allowed me

Track the Shack

The BAS ship which I will be catching in Cape town, the RRS Ernest Shackleton, is due to leave Immingham shortly to begin her journey South. Click here to Track the Shack! Exernal site. Tracking requires the ship to be


My name is William and I will be one of the wintering team at the Halley VI station in Antarctica this year. This website will host my blog about the experience, and is currently under construction, so please forgive the