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The past few days has been the busiest part of Halley’s summer, with Ernest Shackleton arriving – after a few days delayed by sea ice – for the annual relief of the station. This involves removing all of the cargo


With our third aircraft of the season approaching the station as I write this, summer at Halley is really starting to get going – along with much improved weather and, as of this week, 24 hour sun. Some of the


Sunrise might seem like a rather normal affair back in the UK, but for the thirteen of us at Halley it was a much anticipated event as we have not seen the sun for over 100 days (sunset was 1st


Midwinters day (21st June) is a big event in Antarctica, as it is the point at which the sun starts to return (although won’t rise for us until August). It has been celebrated ever since the earliest days of explorers

Winter begins

It’s been a while since I last write a post, as life at Halley has moved on to the Winter routine which is of a much slower pace than during the summer. On the 1st May we had the flag

Emergency Abseil Training

As with all places of work, Halley VI features an array of emergency exits and equipment. One of the most fun escape routes we practised with today – the emergency abseil system, for escaping from upper levels in case of

Halley VI

Just a few photographs of my new home in this post.