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Winter Trip 2.0

This past week was my second winter trip, again with Al and Silver, this time six days (five nights) long. Unfortunately bad weather delayed our departure three days, but weather is just ‘luck of the draw’ when it comes to

Winter Trip

Last week was my first winter trip, with Al and ‘Silver’ (John M.). This trip was five days (four nights) long and we stayed at a place called Aladdin’s, named after a cave that had been located there. The weather

Just another day in the office

Last week we spent two days doing our field training. This involves leaving the station for a night and learning how to live in tents in Antarctica. This training is required for all winterer’s, both for supporting field parties in

Lifetime of Halley

My first off base trip was on Friday (17th Jan), to a Lifetime of Halley site. These sites consist of a GPS tracker, power system (solar panel, wind generator and batteries) and VHF transmitter, and they record the movement of